Legacy n01

Regular price $198.00

Size:  18”

Materials:  Brass, copper / Jumprings: brass

Technique: Reticulation, Chainmaille (weave: Persian 4-in-1)

Each action we take, each word we say is a stitch in the canvas of our life.  Each leaves a unique imprint of our passage on this earth:  some are larger than others, some have a more profound impact than others. However, together, they form our legacy.

Reticulation creates unique textures on metals: it produces a ridged (or ripply) surface through controlled heating. I use the unique outcomes of this process to show that, no matter how distinctive each of our imprints may be, together, they form a whole, our legacy.

I use Brass to represent the natural goodness of Nature, and Copper, also known as the lucky metal. Both Brass and copper are healing metals.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece. We welcome special orders based on this design.



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