Belt m03 Wonders of Mountains & Seas

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Brass, Dyed Red Corals


Materials: Dyed red coral, brass jumprings
Techniques: Chainmaille

The world is our oyster, indeed.  Nature lays out its bounty and beauty all around us over millions of years.  What a privilege to be able to carry some of it close to our heart, in thanks for the joy such beauty provides us. 

Belt length can be customized to fit.

This piece was featured on the Fall 2022 Kansas City Fashion Week. This is a one-of-a-kind piece. Use your creativity wearing this unique piece of fashion accessory: is it a necklace? a lanyard? 

We accept custom order, either based on this design, using your own design, or in consultation to design a unique piece to match the wearer's personality and interests.

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