Bold yet Simple, Impactful yet Classic

Looking for Unusual Jewelry lovingly handmade in the USA to express your personality?

We offer Wearable Art jewelry so you can make a statement about who you are: these are one-of-a-kind pieces. We also have a collection of Jewelry pieces to help you express your personality and moods. Our line of Casual Wear pieces are for your everyday activities.

Blue Orchid Art pieces incorporate natural and man-made materials without compromising design aesthetics.  Nature is the tapestry and ethnic arts the inspiration and guide of my designs. My wish is for the wearer to feel and live the symbolism encoded in my selection of materials and colors.

I would love to design and make custom Wearable Art Jewelry to reflect your personality and taste.

In the Around the World Jewelry category, I include unusual jewelry pieces which spoke to my spirit and sense of aesthetics as well as those that reflected the cultures of the countries I visited.