What is my Passion?

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   Small: 6 - 7"      Medium: 7 - 8"   Large: 8"
   Width: 1.50" - 1.75" wide, depending on concho size

Materials:  Printed (alligator) leather, metal concho

A bracelet for ladies and gents

How did this line of bracelet get started? An equestrian friend of mine was looking for a bold leather bracelet to show off his love of horses and horseback riding. He asked me to make one for him. The concept was so successful that rather than a series of special orders, I put some in inventory instead.

Do you feel an affinity for a culture/state of mind? Check: Yin Yang, Celtic Knot

Are you more into how things work? Check: steam punk, with movable parts!

More into sports? Check: horses

Having said that, we always welcome special orders to match your specific passions.

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