Nature's Beauty n01

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Size: On 18” chain with lobster clasp
   Large  - about 2.25” x 2.00” x 1.00”
   Medium – about 2.00” x 1.50” x 0.75”
   Small – about 1.75” x 1.00” x 1.00”
Materials: Orchids, copper
: Electro-forming

A friend, Natalie Larue, has a wonderful passion: preserving Nature’s beauty and bounty in metal. I was fascinated by her work and the beautiful flowers she preserved in copper. We traded and I mounted these wonderful orchids on chains to offer to my discerning customers.

Orchids are one of my favorite flowers (besides the fact that my name means orchid!). Highly coveted ornamental plants, these exotic and graceful flowers represent love, luxury, beauty and strength.

Copper is believed to be a healing metal. It is also known as the lucky metal.

Because of the nature of handmade jewelry, each piece is slightly different.

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