The Imagine Series are Wearable Art Jewelry pieces from the broom casting technique. While traditional casting is not a technique I favor, I simply fell in love with broom casting

I love the surprises of finding the cast pieces among the straw ... I look at them and I see a variety of forms and meanings. They speak to my fertile imagination. They allow me to turn them into artworks that speak to both heart and mind.

Our casting set up is on a table which was definitely not designed for height-challenged individuals such as myself and my buddy Christine Stover. In order to pour the molten metal onto the damp straw, we have to get on our tip toes. As a result, our pourings do not necessarily all hit the mark and go down the straw. At times, some would splatter onto the metal surface, resulting in even more interesting pieces giving wings to our imaginations!


Jewelry from this technique is always one-of-a-kind as you cannot replicate how the metal will either pour or splatter!