Peas in a Pod e01

Peas in a Pod e01

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Size: 2.5”
Materials: Copper, Fresh water pearls, 
Techniques: Fold forming

Fold-forming is another favorite technique of mine. Why? You hammer away your frustration and at the end of the process, beauty emerges. By the law of nature, the result is always a reflection of nature, reminding me of the colorful leaves, seeds and Nature’s debris along the path in the forest I used to walk with my father in the back country of Provence. It brought back fond memories of my times with him.

Copper is believed to be healing metals. It is also known as the lucky metal.
Pearls have been recognized throughout history for its healing power. Pearls have been called 'teardrops of the moon' because in some early cultures, they believe pearls were born when single drops of rain fell from the heavens and became the heart of the oyster. Others believe that pearls were formed by the passage of angels through the clouds of heaven. Over time, the pearl has become the symbol of purity and innocence.

Because of the nature of handmade jewelry, each piece is slightly different.

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