Team Colors b01 - DragonScale

Regular price $174.15

Available sizes: 6.5" to 8.0", in .5" increments

Material:  Anodized aluminum jump rings

Width:  1"

Technique: Chainmaille (DragonScale weave)

A friend asked me for help with ideas for her children's fundraising to buy new uniforms for their sports teams. I offered to make jewelry pieces (some unisex, some not) sporting their school colors. It was such a success I decided to start the Team Color product line, offering bracelets and earrings.

I chose DragonScale weave to show that you, the wearer, are bold and assured, yet open-minded and flexible.  This bracelet is a dense weave of metallic jump rings, yet incredibly flexible – a great reflection and statement of who you are.

I have a combination of the most popular team colors, both schools and professionals. Custom orders are welcome for color combination and/or size not currently available.


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