Spirit of the Wild n01 (Wolf)

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Size: 18”

Materials: Silver- & gold-finished beads/ Silver-finished wolf heads

Techniques: Bead crochet


Bead crochet was the first beading technique I learned, having fallen in love with the style of a necklace my husband Ray gave me. It took a while to master, as I started with one of the harder techniques.


I was watching a series on wild (and sometimes mythic) animals and was impressed by their majesty and their struggles in the wild to ensure the survival of the species. As a result, I looked for components representing these magnificent animals to include in my Spirit of the Wild jewelry line, to pay tribute to their regal spirits.


I started with the wolf, a symbol of freedom and wisdom, as well as strength and courage.


I combined the colors silver and gold to convey the wearer’s association with her higher self (gentleness, kindness and sensitivity). Silver and gold are also associated with wisdom, understanding and enlightenment.


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