Impressions n01

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Size:  17"
Materials: Copper components, Copper & brass jumprings, garnet bead
Techniques: Chainmaille (Byzantine weave), hammered and rolled metal

While working on this piece, I overheard a group of individuals discussing how they would like to be remembered. This got me to thinking that we each leave footprints of our passage on this earth, large and small, some deeper than others.

Brass represents the natural goodness of Nature and is believed to attract health and wealth. Iis known for its healing properties: it is believed to boost the immune system and to give courage.
Copper is believed to be healing metals. Additionally, copper is also known as the lucky metal.

The chain can be shortened or lengthened to specific size.
Because of the nature of handmade jewelry, each piece is slightly different. We welcome special orders based on this design.

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