Classic Beauty n01

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Size: 18” / Bib: 7.0” x 2.5”
Materials: Sterling silver

Ah, the naiveté of a silversmithing newbie! I just had a couple of classes under my belt when I was off on a business trip. Walking through the bazaar in Istanbul, Turkey, I saw this beautiful necklace. I thought, let’s get it as I am sure my instructor will be able to help me make something similar. I was attracted by the intricate yet simple design – the repetitive design led me to think: well, once I master 1 unit, it is going to be a breeze. Well, as it turned out, not even a wisp of air moving. This project never took off, as this is turning out to be much more complicated. I am learning something about myself as well: I am not that patient an individual, and delicate detailed work is not necessarily my cup of tea! Oh well.

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