Jen's Pin n01

Jen's Pin n01

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Size:  Multiple lengths, from 18" to 30"

Materials:  Brass, Copper, Brass & Copper

Technique: Chainmaille (Jen's Pin weave)

A friend of mine wore a thin chain in a beautiful design: simple yet sophisticate. However, it was too "dainty" for my taste, so I researched to find a chainmaille weave to replicate the design ... and came upon this weave: Jen's Pin. I "fell in love" and made a rope. I like it so much that I decide to offer a series of pieces to my discriminant clients using the weave. The upside of this, it keeps me productive while watching movies at home!

Brass represents the natural goodness of Nature and is believed to attract health and wealth. It is known for its healing properties: it is believed to boost the immune system and to give courage.

Copper is believed to be healing metals. Additionally, copper is also known as the lucky metal.


Silver-filled and sterling silver will be quoted upon request due to metal price fluctuations. Silver is believed to mirror one’s soul. 


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