Imagine e01 (Stalactites)

Imagine e01 (Stalactites)

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Earrings:  Varies between 1.5" and 2.0"                    
Materials: Sterling Silver
Technique: Broom casting

Broom casting is one of my favorite silversmithing technique: you never know what you will get, you can always give free rein to you imagination. Like looking at puffy clouds and seeing images in them, I always see a variety of images when looking at broom cast pieces. I cast this piece shortly after having visited beautiful caves in Southern CA - it reminded me of the beautiful and majestic stalactites I saw in the caves.

Because of the nature of handmade jewelry, each piece is slightly different.Let us know if you prefer shorter or longer earrings, and allow us to pick for you. Alternatively, we can send you pictures of what is in inventory and you can select, subject to availability.



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