Thinking Outside the Box b01

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Size: Small, Medium, Large
Materials: Brass, Copper, Brass & Copper
Techniques: Chainmaille (Box weave)

I fell in love with chainmaille when I saw a friend wear a DragonScale bracelet. Once I mastered that weave, I started investigating other chainmaille weaves, starting with the Box weave - the introductory weave. I started with one of the more difficult weaves (DragonScale), before moving on to the introductory chainmaille weave! I considered this approach "thinking outside the box!"

Brass represents the natural goodness of Nature and is believed to attract health and wealth. It is known for its healing properties: it is believed to boost the immune system and to give courage.
Copper is believed to be healing metals. Additionally, copper is also known as the lucky metal.

This Bracelet can be shortened or lengthened to fit.

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  • Are you in love with certain metals: copper, brass, combination copper and brass? 
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